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Love is Pain. ©

They all say,

love is pain.

But this boy’s,

making me go insane!

I can feel the butterflies,

deep down inside.

I can feel my heart pounding,

but my emotions have to hide.

I keep them bottled up,

I know soon they’re gonna burst.

Will it be my heart or my mind,

that explodes first?

They’re pulling me down,

but I cannot give in.

They’re pouring out tears,

that come from deep within.

Ignore my…

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No music needed for this haha. #Funny #LionKing #Frozen

LION KING!!! - Had to do it. #LionKing #Simba #Nala #Kiara #Kovu #Mufassa #Sad #Love #Happy #Disney #Lion

Demi Baby. #Demi #DemiLovato #LoveHer #Singer #Queen #QueenLovato #Dems #Peace #Saviour #Happiness 🎶💕

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Effy!!! :)

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Started doing skins gifs/videos.

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His Abuse ©

There is a reflection of pain in her eyes,
as she fights back her tears.
Wondering why she’s had to deal with this,
through all of these years.

Living in this situation,
that she cannot control.
He’s broken her heart,
and ripped out her soul.

Mom’s always smiling,
when dad’s not around.
But when he comes home,
She hardly makes a sound.

She’s at home with her brothers,
they’re on the same page.

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Too Much. ©

I wish I knew,
How to say goodbye.
But what I do know,
Is that I don’t want you to cry.

I am truly sorry,
If I hurt you.
But from the start,
I intended to see this through.

I lied to your face,
and my smile was a mask.
I cut with a blade,
and drank from a…

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